The difference between a servant girl and a little girl

Grandma alive often said, can take everyone girl, do not marry a small family girl! I never knew what that meant, you know? It was not until a few days ago that one of my relatives told me why he took her wife! That makes sense!
Why can't I delete it if I send it?
You can't delete it if it runs out of time
That's weird! You used to delete it the next day
You can't delete it after the next day. Two hours
Ouch! Thank you!
I tried to delete it before but I couldn't
Why do your relatives choose their wives?
Yeah, curious, waiting to hear!
He said that when others introduced a few, there is a good condition at home, but their families are withdrawn, stingy, and others are not compatible. Feel that such a family of children can not atmosphere, his wife, the family is very poor, but the popularity is very good, and the family is also large

… unity. So he chose this wife. After years of observation, the small family gas of the woman, or like his father, do not know how to deal with people, clothes ran no popular. This relative of mine they're the oldest in the family, his wife

I'm on good terms with my sister-in-law. He said the world is different, the outlook on life is different, because I know that woman, and it is true. But there are exceptions.


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