[Star Brother talk about marriage · No. 26] Men's "sexual desire"

Many women, the description of good sex is: exquisite room, clean and tidy sheets, Z good covered with roses, romantic music, soft lighting, and then drink some wine, chat, relax after the mood, wash together, full foreplay, Z after sex sex pleasure… And what about men? The basic X fantasy of man Z is the place for sex….. For example: On the beach by the sea, in the woods, in the office, in the elevator, in the back seat of the car (on the hood of the car), in the cinema, in the bathroom of the restaurant (bar), in the water, in the hot spring on a snowy day (feeling the temperature of fire and ice), on the rooftop of a skyscraper (as if doing it in the sky) I have heard Z funny, is a male football fan, said he wanted to do it on the grass in the middle of the football field. Or on the net cord of the goal……. Every time I talk to women about this, I suddenly get all kinds of complaints: beach? How unclean! The sand sticks to the body and is difficult to clean! The woods? No, no, Z is afraid of bugs. Hot springs? How dirty that water is! You'll get gynecological diseases! In the elevator? That back is too much, and the surveillance… There's not much room in the car. It's uncomfortable… Toilet, so dirty, see is disgusting…. ~~ There is a special female consultant (Mavis) in my team. When she was doing a private salon, she would play Z's classic erotic movie "Nine and a Half Weeks of Love" to show everyone, wanting to help them open their minds to see what passions could be played between men and women in addition to in bed and in addition to Z's ordinary moves. As a result, the female students also sighed while watching: half a jar of honey on the body ah, how wasteful! How unsafe it is to play in the kitchen, with knives! How disrespectful it is to let a woman eat a chili with her eyes closed! With all that waste in the kitchen, it's gonna be hard to clean up when it's all spilled on the floor, in cold water? Won't there be a chill? Won't you get sick? Outdoors? That would never happen. There are cameras and pedestrians everywhere… Later, the teaching part of the film was silently cancelled by her, and she also lowered the high requirements for students. They can relax and let go in their own bedroom, in their own bed, and a little change is already a big breakthrough. Judging from the feedback, their husbands are also happy and grateful… Mavis often can not help but scold them, saying: your husband before what kind of bullshit sex ah, the wife initiative to give a "mouth" can be excited like this, really poor dead! The power of conservative stubborn clean freak women is really strong, seconds fade, and even directly douse men's desires: Whenever a man is burning, you say you go to take a bath, wash clean and then do it, you wash me first and then wash every time you take a bath for at least half an hour, wash happy for 1 hour, out of the man has fallen asleep must personally give the man a bath to rest assured, otherwise he always feel that he will get a gynecological disease of the man's "mouth one" requirements, firmly refused, very dirty, have a taste, nausea and vomiting, Reject a wet kiss…. for reasons such as bad breath or fear exchanging spit will spread disease I respect your personality and your outlook. I'm all for focusing on safe sex and sexual health, but if you get to the point of sexual cleanliness, you don't need to ask any man for a strong desire for you, and you don't need to ask for advice. How to Have Passionate Sex "; Because too much care about hygiene, cleanliness, regularity, tidiness is very destructive. Crazy, passionate sex requires a reckless, reckless impulse, do you have? ~~10 years of marriage counseling to do, I summed up a lot of men's preferences in bed: In X love, the wife is required to wear black stockings, the wife is required to wear all kinds of sexy underwear, the wife is required to wear stiletto heels, the woman is required to role play while watching A small porn spanking try a variety of props try a variety of gestures and ways, the wife is required to call dad lewd words wave language, loudly call the bed and improvisatory swear words while doing about his X fantasy, the wife is required to tell his X fantasy…….. … As for the attitude of women, it is also obviously polarized willing: 1: out of love for her husband, meet him 2: Try to feel good, but also want to explore the freshness of the body 3: he is a curious baby, full of enthusiasm to discover new knowledge 4: reluctantly accommodate, prevent his preference to go out and spend money to buy services refused 1: The traditional concept is deeply rooted, feel that a lot of content is uncivilized and indecent 2: afraid of pain, dare not, feel dirty, disgusting 3: feel that the husband put himself as a miss, is an insult and disrespect 4: Feel that men are purely vent animal desire, not because of love and sex for these requirements, I personally feel that there is not a psychological problem, but it is normal, but there are some special circumstances, must do another face of the dangerous attempt: each time you want to orgasm have both hands to pinch a woman's neck (also have some with stockings or rope to strangle their neck), experience the feeling of semi-suffocation. This is a life-threatening situation, and one day he may miss and get his wife stuck in the middle of his orgasm. Sexual abuse: This pattern is too much taste too heavy, I will not describe it in detail, anyway, it is in the case of a woman's clear resistance but also forced threats, such as if you are not willing to cooperate as a wife, I will go to the Internet to find a good friend to go out to play. 3P/ even multi-person sports: force your wife to find willing sisters and girlfriends to do it together; Or pay your own way to find another woman to do it with. Green hat: Forcing the wife to do while saying before and ex-boyfriend, and others how to do, what feel to their own fun forced the wife to do while sending photos of private parts to strange men, accept strange men flirtatious, let themselves excited to force the wife to accept their own to find other men together, their side to see all day to the wife brainwashing together with other couples, exchange sex. ~~~~ All these are mental and psychological problems. What's more strange is that these men like to force women in the name of love -- I love you, I want to give you more life experience, I love you, I want to give you better experience, I love you, so I want our marriage X life to keep fresh and exciting if you love me, You should unconditionally accommodate all my requirements if you love me, you can not refuse me, what's more, I love you, for you more cool, for our X more fresh, exciting feeling if you do not meet me, you do not love me, then I am sorry only to go out to find other women to play, you forced me to take this step. If you refuse me, you are living up to my love and beauty for you, and I have worked hard for our marriage, then you don't blame me if I don't want to work hard in the future, women will talk to me about their pressure, helplessness, grievance, humiliation, self-esteem, are feeling unbearable, and would rather divorce than do such a humiliating life, what is the essential difference between this and sex slaves? The madness of men who simply disregard women's personal wishes and do not consider women's feelings forces women to seriously think about their marriage, their family status, who they want, and what their ideal life is like. If you are a spiritually independent, psychologically independent, economically independent woman, you also have the confidence to return to the marriage market is still a market, have the confidence that even if you can take a child to live well, why do you continue to endure? Love is respect not compulsion love is to give you freedom not control love is to love the other person feels comfortable love is willing to endure and restrain love is equal if you do not love me so, then I have what reason to continue to love you? After Z, I hope more people can enjoy sex and be happy! This post is edited by star elder brother to talk about marriage in 2020-06-18 21:53 too short, not enough to see, ha ha ha first see how everyone's acceptance…… From shallow to deep, slowly update hahaha………. Still have to communicate more with each other, find the right and harmonious way from wechat, indeed, there is nothing to be ashamed of, good communication, reach a balance point, comfortable with each other and meet each other, that is, what is embarrassed between important couples, what ideas have to say clearly, can not guess. Harmony between husband and wife is very important. Nine and a Half Weeks of Love. Well, our teacher also let go from wechat ha ha ha knowledge from wechat scale is too big I actually read it, ha ha ha ha, the enlightenment teacher continue to update ah, some couples will hide between them, feel embarrassed, do not communicate, or some small habits are difficult to talk about, many aspects ha ha ha, not long, a read over should not be too excited. In case nutrition doesn't keep up… Are you a woman? Leave a name before the fire, sit and wait for the little sister to answer questions. What if I'm not in the mood? Women are not naturally cold, need to be flirted with like to change the man is sick? There's still some frigidity, less, but there's… …………, of course. Unless women like……….., too That's a match in fun……………… Does the man with the green hat really love the woman? What was it about him encouraging a woman to have an affair once? I don't believe a man can like his woman to cheat unless he doesn't love the woman enough to see it is a special kind of X fetish, search NTR, you know enough to see ah? Then I write more I actually read thank you hahaha age torture no desire


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