5 months pregnant, found her husband cheating!

It all happened on the night of August 19, 2014! Before that, I thought I was a happy little woman with a husband who treated me well and did whatever I asked. Until that night, pregnancy made me easy to go to bed early, but my husband was playing with his mobile phone, low light made me sleep very uncomfortable, I approached my husband to ask him not to play and sleep! But I saw him chatting with someone on wechat, out of curiosity, I asked my husband to show me who I was talking to so High, but he was nervous and did not want to give me my phone, I knew there was a problem, and finally he was afraid of hurting my baby, or gave me the phone! I saw the woman saying "Good night, baby!" to my husband. I was devastated when I saw that! I like most women questioned her husband, a little bit of discovery, her husband and her signs of cheating! We didn't sleep that night. The next day, my husband told me, "He's sorry, but we're not compatible anymore. Let's get a divorce." I can't get him to go back to his parents' house and get his hukou, so we can get a divorce. But when he actually left to get it, I lost my nerve! I called my mom and cried! My mother said: for the sake of the children can not divorce! I like to find a lifeline, sorry for him I found a reasonable reason, decided that he! (Aside: it was raining heavily that day, and I even felt like God was crying for me) He later said sorry to me and promised to separate from the woman! He came back from work and told me that he would go to Wenzhou on a business trip with his colleagues next Tuesday. I forced myself to believe him! But when I opened his QQ mailbox today, I found that he was going with that woman! And also found that as early as June 16, he took advantage of a business trip with the woman to Nanjing to fool around! What do people say I should do? ### divorce ### Now he is already a look does not matter, said more he said divorce! I feel very weak, do not have the courage to divorce him, but also a large part is still attached to him! More afraid of children who have not yet been born into a single parent family! ### Save the evidence, divorce ### Let him clean ### Should I give him a chance? Should we wait until the baby is born? Or should we just let them get a divorce and let him go with his mistress? Women are always so poor, working hard for men to get pregnant and give birth to children, men are like this, you have found anything unusual before? ### # From the top of the post, to see ### # temporarily do not divorce, now divorce you are too bad, such as giving birth to a good child, let him bear all the costs, and then slowly find him and small three account ### before there is something different, he went out more times, always said that customers asked him to eat, or colleagues go out to play, there will be 2 or 3 times a week! And I also feel that in recent months he used the money very quickly, but since I have been pregnant, I basically do not go out of the house to go shopping, he always said that what social activities are paid in advance, reimbursement is slow, so no money ### How to find her and small three accounts, what? He also told me that Xiaosan is very poor, before and her relationship with the object had a child, are 6 months, said Xiaosan parents do not agree, is hard to abort! ### Don't be impulsive, be calm. Don't be too impulsive, give birth to the child first, and then talk about the future. ### I can't sleep day by day! When I lie in bed at night, my mind will be like a movie, the child in my stomach keeps moving, reminding me to take good care of him, but I just can't sleep with my eyes closed! Tears will come out unconsciously! My husband told me yesterday that we would live a good life together and stop making trouble! Does that mean he's going to break up with the mistress? I chose to believe him. (By the way, I did not tell my husband, I have found out that he cheated me to travel, in fact, is going out with the mistress) I hope I can believe him again, these two days, he and I are living in his parents' home, he said he wants us to live together! He said he wanted me to be with him every time he did anything and everywhere he went! ### This man is so irresponsible, if it was me, I would give up. ### Poor touch ~! ### No, it's been fine! If not, I think I am very happy! He'd get up at 5:30 in the morning to get in line for me at the hospital! He would get up early on weekend mornings and drive to buy me my favorite breakfast to pack home! He took care of everything at home. He tried to do everything I could think of! Collect good evidence, it is your future chips in case of divorce, including your husband's bank card credit card water ### Forget it, it's okay, men lechery is nature, good for you on the line. ### Professionally refined answer ### The last point is totally unrealistic. How to do completely depends on how the building owner decides to go behind the road. Divorce? Abort the baby. Don't you get a divorce? Think about it. You can still trust him. You can still live with him. ### Looks like it can't be undone


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