What if female colleagues are always pestering my husband

My husband and I don't work together. He's a nice guy, like a nice guy. He had a woman at the head office, branch office, who met my husband through business. After that, I often complain to my husband, saying that I was unhappy at work, and once I cried on the phone!!! Sometimes you can make 5-6 calls a day, and the calls are long, and there are text messages (nothing ambiguous). Then we slowly began to go out, drinking tea, singing karaoke, playing cards, and sometimes talking about business, in short, every time there was a new pattern. And sometimes a woman at work calls me husband, and she goes with me. I didn't think it was special, but then I realized that the only thing on my husband's phone was a picture of the girl with caller ID, and I thought something was wrong. I told my husband to delete it, and at first he got mad at me for being petty. I mean, if your colleagues saw this, how would you explain it to anyone? He agreed, and apparently there were fewer calls to her on his phone (or maybe he deleted them). Later, the woman once asked her husband to go out and sing K, and did not drive, so that my husband could send her alone! Every time you go out with her, you can't come back until 3:00 in the morning. I'm not sure what their relationship is. Asked her husband, he said very lightly "her vinegar you also eat?" ! Would I like her?" After all, can a cat not eat the fish that comes to its door? And the woman has a family of her own. I've never met her, but she sounds like a tough girl. ### Now I have no direction. My husband is busy at work, he will not go home before 8 o 'clock every day, and he often works overtime on weekends. If true have what, I do not see # # # # # # your top and top # # # I think your husband to provoke the other # # # you can't meet you a man # # # knew the original poster of IQ with a look at the title, her husband is a treasure, the somebody else female colleagues around you husband, fly does not bite the seamless egg has an adultery affair # # # # # # is not assured, confiscate the bullets don't! In recent days, the mood is a little bad, the brain is really a little insufficient, ha ha. Think calmly, what everyone says is right, a fly does not bite a seamless egg, a slap does not ring. Looking back on these years of life, my life is all around the children and family, almost no self. This incident taught me a lesson but also reminded me that I should be kind to myself and have to live back to my original self. It depends on your husband. You can get stuck with it. ### Follow the text. Went through his phone this morning before he got up. A few days ago, he said that all the photos in the phone were gone, and after the software was restored, there were three photos of the woman, and the rest were still not there. The open code of his mobile phone has also changed, ask him, he said that his colleagues know the password) he and the woman have been in contact recently, calls, text messages, but the text message content has been deleted. Honestly, why would you do that if you didn't have a heart? ! Chill in one's heart So shopping to vent, in order to get a moment of psychological ensign. I don't want to ask him, and if I ask him, he won't answer, but it's boring. Crying is even more useless, damaging their own image. But the heart is really depressed !!!!!!! Thought about divorce, but the child is too poor; If we want him back, we have to control our emotions. It's painful! Now use the method of encouragement, work dress beautiful, usually I text him, basically do not reply to me, the reason is always busy. Today, I swiped his card three times, and pretended to send a wrong text message to his mobile phone, pretending to date someone else, and he actually replied immediately, asking me if I sent the wrong message. Of course I'm not answering him. Can you guys think of any other way to get him back? ### Interrupt, according to records, they are basically women's active text messages or phone men, the basic control of 3-5 messages a day, 2-3 times the phone, each call is about 3 minutes ### their own top ### # and then top ### everyone come to help ah ~~~~~~### ## I now want to know what the man's heart is thinking? If he wants a divorce, the woman's social status and economic ability are stronger than me, except for bad looks and older. Isn't this a good time for a man to get a divorce? But it seems he didn't act. He just ducked. Is he still trying to figure it out, or does he just want to play around with himself and his family? Or is it just taking advantage of a woman's power? ### # Alas… I think your husband is not good little three is hateful, but a man can say no, why do you want to change the password and delete SMS messages? Yes, everyone knows it, he is hiding his ears and stealing the bell. The key is your husband's attitude, feeling is not refused! The woman outside is not a fool, your husband does not give the step, that woman can be entangled? ### Try to retain the evidence, do the worst plan ###lg play, and then back to the end of the game ~ um ### continued: secretly check his phone this morning, yesterday all day did not have a woman's call message record. In the education of children, LZ pointed and cursed, and said: do not make the mistake of hiding your ears and stealing the bell. Just because you cover your ears doesn't mean you didn't steal, but if you do, you have to pay. Where is a free lunch? He said that LZ now always talk there is a thorn in the words (recently I do not quarrel, anyway, the point is up, the thorn is sure to poke him), LZ said back to him: don't always confess. Talking about the divorce of a friend, LZ said: "Your wife is willing to raise children for you and handle housework, it is because of this feeling, there are women outside." It's okay to play. But now there is an animal that will also raise children for you, and that is called a mistress, for the purpose of dividing property." He was speechless… After that, he said very aggrieved that he could not like the woman (the woman is not beautiful), how can LZ have this idea? LZ answered him, "Now it is popular in society to send ambiguous messages with women outside, and then delete them, afraid of his wife to see." However, there is no free lunch, and neither side will be able to return." The man flashed his eyes and said, "What text? What is the definition of ambiguity?" To be honest, LZ at this point felt that his words were very weak, just diverting the subject. LZ replied, "Ambiguous understanding is different, but as a family person, everything must take into account the family and the other half, the position to be right!" Just like the coffee table should be placed in the living room, not on the side, the center of the living room is its location! "Men start to lose the words… Then he started blaming LZ, saying that LZ was looking at his phone, depriving him of his privacy, and that he was angry. People say LZ is gonna dump him? Speak directly with him, not angry is not important, the important thing is to understand now, women should be kind to themselves, have capital dress up do not waste! The man was speechless. After sending the child to school, the man obediently waited for LZ at the gate, and sent LZ to the bus stop before going to work (before LZ took into account the man's early work time, afraid of late, every time he would let us drop us at the gate of the community, LZ sent the child to school, and then went to work himself). Along the way, the man began to pretend to be poor, saying that his recent work is not good, and the home is not peaceful, too bad luck! Just hit the muzzle of a gun, LZ said softly: Chinese civilization, up and down five thousand years, which is indeed a lot of profound words worth us to savor, slowly understand. For example, home and all things prosper. Home is not stable, what else is there to talk about?" The man shut up immediately. Then began to threaten LZ, saying: "you suck it, I put up with you now, one day can't stand it…" As soon as he said that, the bus stop arrived, LZ of course had to pose, and gracefully said: "You drive slowly." The man did not say a word, and from the side, his face was expressionless, probably angry. This time LZ feel good !!!!! So many days of resentment, in the case of not noisy not to vent more than half, ha ha ha !!!! ### Story is a little long, everyone's hard work! After lunch, LZ made a phone call to the man, calling his desk phone, indicating that he had not eaten. The phone hung up, LZ would like to come, men go out wild flower arrangement is nothing more than gentle, SEXY, ask. The latter two are not possible, so a little tenderness. So, the text message to him is basically to show concern, know that he is running for his family, to take care of themselves and so on. I didn't expect to get a reply, today for the first time, the man replied, expressing gratitude but mind my behavior (LZ understood to mean looking at his phone this matter). LZ talked to him, knowing that he was not easy, believing that he would not do such a thing, and they were cooperating with each other. But women are emotional animals, and if there are often emotional exchanges that go beyond the scope of work, then the woman may already be deeply involved. Then he said that we are in a seven-year itch between each other, too familiar with each other, no passion. Many people at this stage will be like this, suddenly meet a like-minded, in fact, is the desire for love feeling just. Then we say that the reason why we have such problems is because we ignore each other, and the home is still the warmest. ### And the man never replied. LZ did not ask or call him, but also wanted to give him some time to calm down. Since he knows how to hide, and knows how to clarify his behavior in various ways (although a little weak), it means that he does not want to destroy the family. At least he knows what's important. See what he says when he comes back tonight. Do you have any good suggestions? Come and help me! Of course, it is necessary to prepare for the worst. ### Top yourself ### Top again


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