Put on a vest and tell a story. - Like a dream

At the end of 2014, I experienced a period of low tide in my life, came to the Puyou community, saw a lot of different stories, has always been a diving state, never spoke. Today I do not know why I suddenly have the impulse to record my story, and I do not know whether I can tell it well. The characters involved are neither too many nor too few. The landlord entered the university in 2008, when there was A boyfriend who had been talking for more than 2 years, and was the first love of the landlord A. Two people have had A brief break up in the middle of the bumps, the reason is because when 17 or 18 years old, the main character is more introverted and wooden, and do not know how to communicate with her boyfriend, always cold, first love A feel may not like the main floor, he broke up. But later, because of A meeting in the school canteen, I saw the landlord who seemed to have tears in his eyes (the first love said it himself, but the landlord has completely forgotten it), and I don't know why first love A later recombined with the landlord. After the composite, the two people's feelings have been very stable, and the landlord's character has slowly opened, two people are like other small lovers in love. Happy and sweet through the whole high school period, during which the owner of the building has been renting a house alone outside the school (the school is more than an hour away from home, many high school students were living outside, but my parents were not around at that time, and I have been relatively independent) First love because my home is not far from the school, so I went to school every day, and recalled a few things that I still remember. At that time, A would often save half a month's money in the middle of the night, secretly wait for his parents to sleep and walk for an hour to the main road to see the landlord, and then the two of them would chat in the room, do the paper, play and play. On the landlord's birthday, his first love would start to save pocket money months in advance to prepare birthday gifts for the landlord. In high school, he would write to the landlord every week, although we could meet every day. Every day after school, I would send him all the way to the station and watch him leave, and then I would go back to my residence after dinner to do my homework, and after summer vacation, I would talk on the phone at home every day, and so on. The teacher and his parents also knew about our affairs, which should be regarded as the default, because I vaguely remember that I often heard him talk about his parents asking him when he would bring me back to meet him. I will definitely marry this person, and we really thought so at the time. Later in 2008, we passed the baptism of the college entrance examination and entered different universities, his university was far away from me at that time, at both ends of the city (do not hit me if you are in a long-distance relationship). Because we are both students and our living expenses are not much, but he still insisted on meeting me at our school every month, coming after school on Friday night and returning to school after dinner on Sunday night. Now I think I have never been to his school. Do not know how to get the first post, is a quick reply can continue to tell the story? Entered the university, and high school is completely different, learning is very easy and more happy, college roommates are also very good, we are the only university four years did not red face quarrel dormitory, so I feel very lucky, met a group of good roommates. May be because before too close, suddenly far away, although A will always come to see the floor, but at that time A like to play games, not together often play games every day in the dark, only in the evening to go to bed when the floor to make A call to say good night, slowly feel that A does not care about themselves, and every day the phone is like a routine, Dozens of seconds in A hurry to end, so slowly get the floor also feel more and more insipid, plus A school at that time is not particularly good, and the floor has been a good score, feel two people after the road may not be the same, slowly in the heart doubt whether two people can go to the last thing. During this period, a person slowly approached the floor, called B Bar, he is my university classmate, we almost had no interaction in the first half year of the university, except in the freshman self-introduction, I had a little impression, because he is one of the few male students in our liberal arts department. Later because of what opportunity to start chatting familiar, I also remember a little bit not clear, only remember because of a text message, then one and again have been chatting, slowly found each other's character is very compatible, chat is very relaxed and happy, of course, because I had a boyfriend at that time, so we have always been a simple classmate relationship, in addition to the usual text message chat, We meet in class, we don't have any other contact. The turning point of the story is that at the end of the freshman year, the owner of the first love A's feelings become more and more light, the owner of the floor to consider it is not interesting, he broke up, A to retain but failed, and finally agreed, but put down a sentence to say, wait for a period of time to catch up with the owner. However, every day A will still send messages to the main QQ, trance let the main feel as if he did not think we are broken up, the main thought to feel wrong, and he spread out feel or do not contact, A very sad, then do not contact the main, and thought they would not cry, but also in the real no contact after crying in the dark, Looking back to think, perhaps with the passage of time, all love will tend to dull, dull to you think unnecessary, but in the moment of real separation, we still can't help but cry sad, that is our youth ah, youth seems to end with the end of first love. Because of the state and depression of that time, my roommates have been comforting the host, and I sincerely thank my roommates. And then I don't know how B knew about the breakup of the floor, so I made a phone call to the floor, and I don't remember what I specifically said, which should be some comforting words. After that, day by day, the state of the landlord also slowly came back a little, and B in that period of time and the landlord contact became very frequent, every day will chat, all over the world talk about everything. Then slowly began to become a little subtle relationship, the owner can feel that B seems to like himself, but that layer of window paper has not been broken, and the owner's previous character in terms of feelings is completely not active, so it has been a little ambiguous but not explained the relationship, until one day I do not know what to talk about, Suddenly we talked about the story of my first love, and then B also knew at this time that the first time was given to the first love, and then he suddenly said that he was willing to be his girlfriend, he would be good to the Lord for a lifetime. At that time, it was very sudden, although I always felt that he was interesting, but I did not think that it was in such a case, in the case of completely not thinking clearly, the landlord did not know how to promise B, B was very happy, and I could feel his happiness at the end of the phone. And the landlord did not think that this decision led to many years of entanglements after this. Later, we officially established a love relationship, and went out on a date like normal couples, but because the landlord did not want to let the roommates know for the time being, almost no one in the department knew that we had been in love, and even after nearly 9 years, very few people knew that we had been together (The landlord did not know why he did not tell the roommates at that time, The only reason I can think of now is that my roommate still thinks that I am more compatible with my first love A), so I always secretly go to the garden of the school after class in the evening, and the two of us sit on chairs in the garden, and chat peacefully and happily as before. B is very funny and humorous, and will share many things about his childhood with the host. Moreover, he is a very careful person, he will buy a good cold drink in advance because of the hot weather, he will bring mosquito repellent in advance because there may be mosquitoes in the garden, and he always secretly slipped chocolate to the owner of the building because the owner likes to eat chocolate. That time is still very happy now, the owner of the building is spoiled by B, he does everything to the owner of the building as the first, accompanied by the owner of the building. And B also has a point is that the voice is very gentle and good, but not the kind of mother, but full of male breath, very attractive, coupled with the character of a good person smart, so later after breaking up there are many girls chasing him, of course, this is later, and now the story has just begun. I dated B for a while, and every night the landlord went out, and slowly the roommate found something wrong, and then the landlord confessed to being in love with B, and the roommates didn't say anything after they knew it. But I can obviously feel that they do not support this relationship, I think the main reason is that the landlord and the first love together for more than 3 years, they have seen the first love, more inclined to him. It didn't take long for him to see his two best friends, about to have dinner together, his friends are also very good, the floor is not much, listen to their chat and ridicule, I feel very happy, I can feel the happiness on his face when he took me out to see friends. And the roommate side, one night night chat, we talk about feelings, the floor can not help but ask a question, say is not everyone think I and first love together will be better, everyone said yes. Maybe because I have been with B for a short time, I feel that I like him, but I also feel that I have never forgotten my first love in my heart. At that moment, I was a little shaken, whether I should continue with B or not. At this time, a very coincidental thing happened ###Mark continued ### continue, there were things last week did not have time to update. At this time, A very coincidental thing happened, that is, when the landlord and first love A common good friend chatted with the landlord, he revealed that A still likes the landlord, wants to compound, and asked me what I thought. In front of the vague sense of the roommate does not support the new feelings, his heart in the first love A and the current B of the wandering hesitation, think about the front is after all has been more than 3 years of feelings compound will get everyone's blessing, and now after all, the time is short, long pain is not as short pain, so, the landlord made a decision at that time, and B break up. So the owner of the phone to B said his idea, expressed the wish to break up, the phone on the other side of the B is very sad, let the owner give him some more time, time is long and slowly will be good, but at that time where the owner of the building to listen to, iron heart to break up, said a lot of sorry, two people in the phone are crying, later B said can go out to see him for the last time, He had something he wanted to say to the host. The landlord thought about it, felt that he was really ashamed of B, and agreed. Later that night, about in the small garden that had been dating together, although it was at night, a glance at B came to see the eyes lonely and very sad, we sat down side by side, talked a lot, and cried, the floor does feel sorry for B, feel very irresponsible for their own behavior, B holding the floor over and over again to ask if you can give him a chance, Why is being late for 3 years such a result, the landlord does not know how to comfort B, can only say sorry, many details behind can not remember. I only remember that when I left, I found that B had a big blood clot in his leg. Looking at his back, I guess I realized that something had caused his leg injury that day. Later, after a long time, one of his dormitory seniors told me, in fact, I mentioned the few days after breaking up, he had been having a fever and intravenous drip, and his leg was injured by a fall, and he fell out of a wound as big as a hole. But he didn't tell me, and I never knew, and by the time my senior told me, it should have been a year later. After breaking up with B, the building master is no longer in touch, hoping that he can forget the building master early and come out early. B created a trumpet when he was in love, and always wrote something to the host in it. That number, many years after we separated, continued to be updated at a rate of 5-8 pieces per year. Of course, this is later, the story comes back, or to the university. After breaking up with B, the building owner and first love A common friend told the first love A building to break up the news, A called the building owner, expressed the meaning of want to compound, the building owner also agreed, and a account of the things with B. Unexpectedly, the next day, first love A across the city came to the building owner's school to find the building owner, after A period of time again to see a thin, cut a new hairstyle, more sunny and handsome, he saw the building owner is very happy, far from a smile came over. So we continued our first love, which had been broken for several months, like two men and women who had never had anything happen. After compound, the day is still the same as before, plain but also happy. For a period of time, the building owner returned to the normal track of life, and B also disappeared in the life of the building owner, only occasionally encountered in class, but the basic building owner is bowing his head and pretending not to see B. Later on one occasion, it should be B sent a text message to the landlord, the gist or feel that B did not come out, said or willing to wait for the landlord. In the face of people who have been hurt by themselves, the floor master softened, replied to him and expressed comfort, and then one by one, and then intermittent contact, but first love A does not know, the floor master chose not to tell first love A. Chatting again and again, again and again, but let people feel that B is sinking deeper and deeper, he did not come out at all, and the guilt of the floor is also increasing, not only for B but also for the first love A to hide and continue to contact B about this thing. But the landlord himself slowly found himself a little difficult to control himself not to pay attention to B, not to care about his feelings of his emotions, his emotions slowly began to affect the landlord. Vaguely, the floor owner feels that he may be like B, but because he has made A decision to compound with A, so the floor owner is very clear in his heart, unless A breaks up, the floor owner will not break up with him. This period of time is very painful, now looking back to think, maybe the two people like the floor, so they can not give up, but from the moral level to consider, the floor is very wrong to do so, so the floor is full of suffering. B is getting better and better to himself, he always holds the hope that one day the floor master will return to him, but the floor master can not bear to hurt B again, did not tell him that he will not turn back, can not hurt A. The owner of the building must have really got it together. In this way, while talking about love, and B continue to contact. Then there was a school holiday, B hoped to be able to go out alone with the landlord, by some strange luck, the landlord agreed, so he began to go out for the first time, the inner guilt, I believe that many people who carry their lovers outside and ask people to date should understand. But this thing does seem to have a fatal attraction, so that people want to return countless times, but how can not return. After that, B and the owner of the building will basically go out to meet once a month, maybe we both know that this time may end at any time, so every time we cherish the short time together, B is always very good to the owner of the building, considerate and gentle, so that the owner of the building pet the owner of the building, will not make the owner unhappy. B's gentleness, even if later the owner grew up slowly, experienced a lot of stories behind, it can still be said that no one can surpass, in this life, the owner has never met a person, like B is good to himself, and it is clear that there may be no result, but still to the owner like the baby in the heart of the hand. It was a time of both painful guilt and overwhelming addiction. Between us and B, we don't even need to say much, we all know what the other side wants to say, and the floor master also found himself becoming more and more soft and smaller women from that relationship, and these are the side that never showed when we were with our first love. Despite this, the guilt of the first love A is getting heavier and heavier


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